Andrew’s Books

I’m a writer, among other things. I’ve published seven novels and several short stories, with many more in the works at any given time. You can buy all of my books in eBook and paperback over at I’m also working on a sprawling fantasy universe which will be the setting for several fantasy serials, games, and novels in the coming years. In addition to my fiction work, I am in the midst of developing applications to help aspiring authors develop their characters and plots, as well as an ongoing series of essays on the craft of writing.

Novels I’ve written…

Oliver Lucas Adventures

  • The Staff of Moses
    Travel to Egypt, encounter brutal mercenaries, fight magical guardians, and search for a relic from biblical times.
  • The Eye of Odin
    Uncover the mysterious history of Norse gods and discover the powers of a cult of fallen angels.
  • The Diamond of Souls
    Discover a forgotten civilization in the fragments of a magical gem.
  • Words of Binding
    Explore an abandoned psychic research facility from the depths of the Soviet era and discover the brutal history of a cursed forest.
  • Words of Power
    Assemble the parts of a magical device and discover the location of the garden of eden to save the world from a magical apocalypse.
  • Future adventure novels…
    I am not done writing adventure novels. I anticipate returning to this genre later in 2018, with either a continuation of the Oliver Lucas series or a new (but connected) series.

Science Fiction

  • Burning in the Void
    When an interstellar colony ship is stranded in space for two hundred years, the passengers go to extremes to forge stable societies and find some way to survive.
  • A Cold Day to Drown
    Talbot Liu is a fixer in a brutal world, just trying to live through each day. When he is hired to track down a missing girl he is pulled into a conspiracy which will forever change the world. This novel has been drafted and is being released in serial form on Inkshares. Start reading for free now!
  • Dyson’s Angel
    Over a thousand years ago the solar system was destroyed by an unknown alien force. The few survivors now live in a vast prison sphere constructed around the sun. Dyson’s Angel is a character driven sci-fi adventure which introduces readers to a cast of characters searching for wealth, love, and knowledge in this fractured universe.
  • Splintered Demons
    The continuation of Dyson’s Angel, this novel will follow the cast of characters as they struggle to learn the truth about the aliens who destroyed our solar system. This book is currently being drafted.

Dramatic Fiction

  • Apocalypse Summer
    A story about the power of faith in the face of doubt. The story follows a young woman who has lived her entire life on the compound of a survivalist cult. When the leader announces that the world will end within two months, the character’s life is torn apart as she grapples with the fallout of decades of lies told by her leader. This novel is in the process of being drafted. It will likely not be released for a year or more, but I am accepting beta readers to potentially receive a draft of the novel in the summer of 2018. Please contact me if you are willing to read and provide constructive feedback.