Linke Media produces several podcasts, all of which are available free on iTunes, Overcast, our website, or wherever you download your podcasts.

  • Strange Phenomena: The Music of Kate Bush
    • Cecilee hosts an in depth exploration of the music and creative life of the inimitable Kate Bush. Explore the history of Kate’s music song by song and hear exclusive interviews with fans and historians.  Website. iTunes. Overcast.
  • Andrew Linke’s Audiobooks
    • Andrew records podcasts of all his books and releases them for free. Dive into a collection of adventure and science fiction novels. Website. iTunes. Overcast.
  • Pixel Wretches
    • Coming soon! Join Andrew, Cecilee, and a variety of guests for a weekly discussion of the creative process in the digital age. What does it take to become a successful musician, artist, photographer, author, or any other native of this electronic world.