Shifting Sands (ebook)




It is the first decade of the new century and storms continue to pummel the little town on the edge of the sea. Tired of rebuilding their homes and lives after every major storm, people have begun leaving the town for the safety of nearby Knotts Island and northern Virginia Beach.

As the town is changing, so are Mamie and her friends. After tragedy strikes Clara’s family, causing her to question her faith, she befriends Leonard Raymond, the shy boy next door whose father died in a hunting accident earlier that year. In spite of her lack of desire to fall in love and become someone’s wife and mother, Clara soon finds herself wanting to become more than just a confidante for Leonard.

Rachel, Mamie’s adopted sister, is watching her childhood friends becoming wives and mothers. However, Rachel is determined to make something more of herself. Her family’s land on Knotts Island, which has been left empty since the death of her parents earlier that decade, is the perfect place to start.

Meanwhile, Mamie and James’s family grows. Yet in spite of her growing family, there are concerns about how long they will be able to remain in Wash Woods. Losing their crops and rebuilding their house year after year has begun to take their toll on an aging James. Will Mamie and her family remain in Wash Woods, despite the dangers? Or will they realize that sometimes, it is best to move on and start all over again in a new place, even if it means leaving behind everything you’ve ever known?


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