The District Sleeps Alone Tonight (ebook)




After traveling to Paris, the Traveling Society now journey to the nation’s capital. Lavinia and Patty have to stay behind because of schoolwork and family plans, so Nellie, Anna, and Liyoko take the train to Washington DC for a special six week camp for homeschooled students. As Nellie, Miyoko, and Anna explore Rosslyn, the 9:30 Club, Georgetown, and get to ride the Metro around town, they are never more than a Facebook message away from each other.


Throughout their stay, the girls discover more about themselves than ever. Will Miyoki come to terms with her half-American, half-Japanese heritage? Will she find the confidence to pursue fashion design? Will Nellie accept her friend’s offer to join them as the art director for an indie video game? Will Anna pursue her love of photography? And why is she becoming more jealous of her friend Megan’s budding relationship with Zachary, a boy in Megan’s class?


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